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SnowWonders® Snowflakes are Rhodium over lead-free pewter ornaments with themes cleverly hidden inside. The SnowWonders® line is truly one from the heart…

The story of SnowWonders® Snowflakes began with a Celtic Claddagh Christmas ornament, to which the response was overwhelming! Jim and I began to include a SnowWonders® ornament in all of their Christmas cards. As new designs were developed people began viewing SnowWonders® Snowflakes as wearable art. Jim and I met on a snowy December day and were married 8 years later on Christmas Eve, so you can imagine how special Christmas is for us. In 1999 we were blessed to start Hands of Hope, a charity dedicated to providing underprivileged children with Christmas toys. We decided to help fund this ministry with SnowWonders® and Snowflakes by donating a portion of all sales to Hands of Hope. This line is closest to our hearts and it truly reflects who we are.

The SnowWonders® themed ornaments are so very beautiful just the way we are, however, they can be customized to make them a little more special for you.

Birthstones, initials, words, the year, and more can be added for just $4.00 each. It’s so wonderful to have an ornament personalized for you or your friends and family! In addition, if you want a saying or a family name, we can hand-stamp that for you too. (Please contact us for pricing.)

So much love and care go into designing and making these very beautiful ornaments. While they were originally designed as ornaments, customers have been hanging them in the window, or off shade and lamp pull. They make great holiday place settings and look fabulous hanging from a purse or as a package tie.

Choose from more than 50 different designs including the Nutcracker, Angel, Snowman, Santa Claus, Teacher, Cat, Artist, Music Note, Gardener, Train, Football, and Violin to name a few! Shop at 

Celtic Snowman Ornament

Horse Ornament

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